Now more than ever, environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability factors are at the forefront of business practices. Companies, sponsors and financial institutions face growing pressures (regulatory, reputational, social and market) to incorporate these considerations in their investment decisions, improve their sustainability practices, and inform.

ESG factors have become a priority item on the agendas of companies, who are ever more aware that failure to address these matters can hurt their businesses, both financially and reputationally.

It is a fact that sustainable investment objectives can be aligned with financial objectives, and even strengthen and foster them. Good ESG performance is often an indicator that a company is well managed, prepared to handle turbulence, and will probably perform better financially over time. Hence, ESG criteria are being used increasingly to assess the financial soundness of funds and companies, as well as how resilient their investments will be to longer-term challenges.

With a regional presence, a multidisciplinary team and an international approach, FERRERE truly understands the ESG agenda and can help its clients navigate this sea of changing international and regional policies and regulations as they relate to all ESG aspects. 

Our practitioners assist clients in a variety of industries on multiple areas impacted by ESG, including creation and implementation of a sustainable ESG strategies, regulatory compliance, and conflict and crisis management.

How we can help our clients

As every company is at its own stage of application of ESG criteria, we provide a service that is totally adaptable to each client’s needs.

See how we can help in each area:


  • Advice to clients applying for green loans as well as sustainability linked loans.
  • Structuring transactions that promote risk reduction, financial return and social impact.
  • Structuring and implementation of responsible investments, obtaining competitive financial yields while taking ESG factors into account to better manage risks and generate yields sustainable in the long term.
  • Advice on creation of reliable and successful social impact and financial investment strategies.
  • Impact investing due diligence: we provide advice on due diligences as well as on capacity building for possible partners/investors in social enterprises, B corps or triple impact companies.
  • We collaborate on structuring vehicles making it possible to channel investor resources for financing public or private social interest projects and offering innovative solutions based on pay for performance arrangements.


  • Environmental regulatory compliance audits
  • Soil use, management and remediation
  • Land use regulatory compliance audits
  • Water quality maintenance and access
  • Natural resource management
  • Supply chain management and compliance
  • Emissions reduction and offset
  • Land use and deforestation
  • Renewable energy
  • Green hydrogen
  • Green economy


  • Equal pay day
  • Employee compensation system
  • Employee health, safety and hygiene
  • Human rights
  • Modern slavery
  • Employee and client relations
  • Relocation / displacement of persons


  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Executive remuneration
  • Financial and corporate reports
  • Transparency
  • Gender wage gap and hierarchies
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Data protection and cybersecurity
  • Risk management and supervision

Practice leaders

  • Sebastián Ramos (Project Financing)
  • Cristina Vignone (Environmental)


  1. Carla Arellano (Compliance)
  2. Alfonso Capurro (Economy)
  3. Diego Castagno (Corporate Governance)
  4. Carlos Codas (Banking and Finance)
  5. Florencia Etcheverrigaray (Outsourcing)
  6. Florencia Fitipaldo (Labor)
  7. Verónica Franco (Corporate)
  8. Gonzalo Icasuriaga (Human Capital)
  9. Geraldine Ifrán (M&A)
  10. Ana Laura Oliveros (Real Estate)
  11. Jorge Palza (Compliance)
  12. Agustina Pérez Lete (Corporate, Projects and Energy)
  13. Martín Pesce (Privacy)
  14. Montserrat Puente (Privacy)
  15. Fernanda Roca (Arbitration, Litigation)
  16. Marcelo Rodríguez (Ambiental)
  17. Diego Villarroel (Arbitration)
  18. Lucía Rosso (Banking and Finance)