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Leadership, Networking, Client Attention, Economy for Non-Economists, Personal Marketing, and Excel, among many others. This is the range of subjects addressed by the FERRERE In-House Training Program. It includes over 50 academic proposals available to FERRERE members in its four jurisdictions: Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay. The approach is theoretical and practical, and training is provided by diverse practitioners of the firm to foster development of key knowledge, skills and attitudes adapted to the individual’s needs at each stage of professional development.

Additionally, each year FERRERE conducts its Global Training Program, during which firm members from Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay share several days that include technical training, cultural issues and networking activities for people from the different countries to get to know one another. 

Every year, FERRERE holds its "Puertas Abiertas" event, a day when it opens its doors to allow Law students to come in contact with the reality of the work world. The event includes presentations by students and young practitioners who are members of the firm, who share their experiences and answer questions from participants.  Later the guests are invited to tour the offices at the FERRERE Building, where they can obtain first-hand information from each of the firm’s practice groups.

In addition to explaining the reality of the practice of the legal and financial professions, Puertas Abiertas -our open doors event- allows us to identify and recruit new talent.  Once they are at the firm, FERRERE fosters university students’ learning experience by affording them the possibility to work with different areas, while assuring them days off in order to keep up their studies and offering them the complementary training necessary to enrich the knowledge garnered during their academic development.


Continuous innovation is the outcome of an explicit vision to differentiate ourselves from customary uses and services in the four countries where we operate and to offer our clients relevant value.

The creation of highly specialized practice groups (by area and by industry), with a strong vocation to providing legal counsel while incorporating the strategic perspective of each client’s business was one of the first innovations introduced in the firm.

Innovation is a value that is not only integrated in the day-to-day work of the firm’s teams, but is also reflected in its programmed efforts for generating new ideas. 

Working groups involving members having different profiles use innovation techniques to resolve internal and external challenges, generating new ways of working and new services to keep pace with the changing reality of the market and the firm’s clients.

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