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FERRERE has a robust Inhouse Training Program, specially designed for its collaborators, which offers a broad variety of courses and workshops. This program ranges from development of soft skills, like networking and teamwork, to technical training specializing in diverse branches of Law.

Training sessions are structured with a theoretical as well as practical approach, which guarantees a comprehensive learning experience. These sessions are conducted by a diverse team of practitioners of the firm, who contribute a wealth of knowledge and experiences from different environments and specialties. This diversity makes it possible to adapt the contents to the participants’ specific needs, thereby fostering the development of key competencies at each stage of their professional careers.

Each year we organize “Viví FERRERE,” a day specially designed for Law and Notarial students to have a closeup view of our firm’s work world and culture. This event is a valuable opportunity for participants, who have the chance to immerse themselves in a professional environment and fully grasp what it means to be part of FERRERE.

During the encounter, our practitioners make presentations and develop practical cases, in which they share their experiences as well as respond to questions and doubts, thus providing an authentic perspective on work life at FERRERE. Visitors also have the opportunity to present their own academic and professional profiles, highlighting their skills and competencies.

At FERRERE we work in specialized groups focusing on different areas and industrial sectors, each with a strong vocation for high quality legal advice. We stand out for effectively bringing the strategic perspective of our clients’ businesses into play, which allows us to offer legal solutions that not only comply with the standards of law, but also are in line with our clients’ commercial objectives.

We also foster the generation of new ideas and innovative approaches by forming interdisciplinary work groups. These teams are composed by practitioners from diverse disciplines, making it possible for us to approach legal challenges from multiple outlooks and to find creative and effective solutions.


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