Carlos Codas

Carlos Codas is a specialist in civil, commercial, financial, insolvency, administrative, public procurement and litigation areas. He leads judicial processes focusing on commercial and administrative litigation.

Carlos Codas is a lawyer graduated with honors and outstanding GPA from the School of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of Asunción, with a Master of Laws from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Economic Law from the University of Salamanca. He is a partner at FERRERE and practices law in Paraguay.

He is an expert in civil, commercial, financial matters, and his practice focuses on providing legal advice in bank, stock exchange and insurance issues. In addition, he takes part in financing operations, and structured, syndicated, bilateral and multilateral transactions. Before joining FERRERE, Codas was Manager of the Legal Department of the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP). During his tenure, he worked on legal matters related to control and regulation of entities subject to supervision by the BCP (insurance companies, currency exchanges, bonded warehouses). He was in charge of the Legal Department of the Superintendence of Insurance.

Likewise, he led expert technical teams in the drafting of projects and bills to reform the Charter of the Central Bank of Paraguay and the General Banking Law, both ultimately passed by the National Congress (based on the highest Basel standards). Also, he was part of the team that drafted the bill for the creation of the “Superintendence of Pensions” and was responsible for creating legal regulations related to the Payment System of Paraguay and the Depository of Securities, and led the technical team that regulated the activities of mobile means of payment entities in Paraguay.



  • Instituto Paraguayo de Derecho Bancario (IPDB)
  • International Bar Association
  • Attorney, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, 2007
  • LLM, niversity of Pennsylvania, 2012
  • Master in Public Management and Economic Law, Universidad de Salamanca, 2016
  • Business and Law Certificate, Wharton School, 2012
  • University Teaching, Universidad Americana, 2010
  • Expert in Taxes and Proceedings, Instituto Superior de Formación Tributaria y Empresarial, 2011


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