Senior associate

Diego Castagno

Diego Castagno focuses on day-to-day advice to companies on recurrent corporate matters of their operations.

Diego Castagno is a member of the FERRERE Company Law, Infrastructure and Energy team. He also has experience in the Litigation & Arbitration department, and in Banking, where he collaborated with the team handling regulation of the Financial Inclusion Law.

His professional practice currently involves day-to-day advice to local and international companies on recurrent corporate aspects of their operations, in particular for financial intermediation and energy sector companies.

Diego is a columnist in the Political and Economic opinion section of the Montevideo Portal news website. He is executive director of Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo, an independent think tank studying Uruguay’s political, economic and social reality with a view to efficiently impacting on public policy decision making. This study center was named the best new Latin American think tank for the year 2016 by University of Pennsylvania (United States).

He has participated in graduate courses under the Young Professionals Program at Universidad de Montevideo (Uruguay), and in diploma training programs in Public Polices organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Uruguay and Colombia.

As part of his community activities he was an assistant at the Silesian school’s public dining hall in the city of Salto (Uruguay) from 2006 to 2009. He has also collaborated with other nonprofit organizations such as Trigolimpio and Techo para mi País, and has acted as tutor for graduates of Liceo Jubilar (high school for students in a critical context) as part of the development program designed by FERRERE.

  • Attorney, Universidad de la República (Uruguay), 2016. 
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