Real Estate

FERRERE’s Real Estate services team, staffed by specialists in diverse professional practices, provides tax, notarial and legal advice with a focus in sales, acquisitions, real estate developments and financing.

The Real Estate practice group represents developers, investors and buyers on purchases of rural, urban and seaside properties. It also advises on developments involving office buildings, residential complexes, luxury condominiums, hotels and tourist projects. The team facilitates innovative initiatives in the region, as well as a wide range of rural and forestry businesses.

The firm assists investors at all stages, from obtaining Uruguayan residence or citizenship, to choice of the most appropriate vehicle for acquiring and carrying out their projects, contracts in connection with their endeavors (with subcontractors and builders, for example), as well as advice at the sales stage.


  • Acquisition of rural properties (for forestry, livestock raising and agriculture)
  • Guarantees (pledges, mortgages, guarantee trusts)
  • Advice on real estate development
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Construction litigation and arbitration
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