Capital Markets

FERRERE’s experience is unrivaled in Capital Markets, with a team of practitioners who are experts in complex securitizations and bond issues.

The firm represents securities issuers, underwriters, structurers, banks, trustees and investors in asset securitization and issuance of all types of securities in the Uruguayan market. It also advises clients on different types of registered and nonregistered issues outside Uruguay, both in the United States and in Europe.

The group focuses on structuring of transactions with a certain degree of sophistication, which benefit from the international training of the firm’s members.

In addition to advising on bond issues, FERRERE offers demonstrated capacity in surmounting regulatory stumbling blocks and finding creative solutions to problems arising with such structurings. The group’s attorneys have handled the most innovative structurings.

The team participates actively in securitization of financial assets, such as consumer loans, collections of future flows of funds from the sale of goods or services, credits against the Government, delinquent loan portfolios, taxes and real estate assets, among others. The ability to effectively address high-complexity projects has led this group to structure over 80% of public issues of securities made in Uruguay in recent years.


  • Bond issues
  • Financial trusts
  • Share offerings
  • Asset securitizations
  • Sovereign debt
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