Carlos Vasconsellos, partner at FERRERE, moderated the webinar. The event also counted with the participation of Facundo Salinas, Director of the General Office of Public Investment of the Ministry of Finance; Tito Ocariz, Director of Planning and Studies of the National Energy Administration ("ANDE"); Jorge Amarilla, Head of the Division for the Generation and Transmission Projects of the Technical Management of the ANDE; José Rolon, Head of the Department of Studies and Financial Evaluations of the ANDE; and Claudia Arietti, Senior Associate at Ferrere.

Below, the key takeaways of the webinar:

  • The guarantee granted by the Paraguayan Government in connection with the projects to be carried out by ANDE under Law 6324 will be of up to USD 300 million, which includes all financial costs. The guarantee and ANDE's payment obligation will be instrumented in titles of recognition of payment obligation (the "TROPs").
  • The TROPs are expected to be similar to the certificates of recognition of payment obligation (¨CROPs¨) issued in projects under Law 5074 and they will be assignable, autonomous, unconditional, and irrevocable.
  • All projects will be tendered in one single process. The projects will be divided in three different groups, adding up to a total of 24 projects.

Group 1:

Cost: approximately USD 86 million (financial costs are not included).

Projects: Barrio Jara substation, Puerto Sajonia substation (repowering), San Miguel substation, Barrio Parque substation, Villa Hayes substation, and two subway lines: Parque Caballero - Barrio Jara.

Group 2:

Cost: approximately USD 74 million (financial costs are not included).

Projects: Limpio substation, Zarate Isla substation, Autodromo substation, Barcequillo substation, Arroyos y Esteros substation, the expansion of the Loma Plata substation, the Altos - Arroyos y Esteros overhead line, and the Limpio - Zarate Isla transmission line.

Group 3:

Cost: approximately USD 65 million (financial costs are not included).

Projects: Paso Pé substation, Colonia Independencia substation, Coronel Oviedo II substation, Kilómetro 8 substation, Cambyretá substation expansion, Trinidad substation expansion, Paso Pé - Colonia Independencia transmission line, Coronel Oviedo to Carayao transmission line repowering and Coronel Oviedo - Trinidad transmission reconstruction.

  • Bidders may submit bids for one or more group of projects.
  • Each project will have 2 milestones. Therefore, 2 TROPs for each project will be issued, adding up to a total of 48 TROPs. The first TROP will be issued with the delivery of the machinery and equipment, and the second with the completion of the project.
  • The TROPs will incorporate the financing conditions, which will have the following main characteristics:

Grace period for the repayment of the principal: 3-years.

Repayment period: 10-years.

  • ANDE will carry out a prior consultation process so that potential bidders and financiers may comment on the draft bidding terms and conditions, and the contract.
  • The call for tenders will be published once the prior consultation process is completed. ANDE estimates to publish the call for tender at the end of August or early September of this year.

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