The Republic of Paraguay (the “ROP”) will tender turnkey works for USD 760 million under the framework provided in Law 5.074 / 13 (“Law 5074”).

Law 5074

  • Law 5074 regulates a type of public procurement for public infrastructure projects in which the bidder may design, construct, equip and finance a project. The ROP assumes the obligation to pay -and provides sovereign guaranty over such obligations- upon completion and delivery of an entire project or a complete and usable portion of a project (each, an “Hito”).
  • Upon completion and delivery of an Hito, the ROP will issue a certificado de reconocimiento de obligación de pago- (the “CROPs”), which contain the unconditional and irrevocable obligation to pay, in United States of America Dollars, the value of the relevant Hito in a number of installments.
  • The CROPs are issued with the sovereign guarantee of the ROP and constitute public-external debt of the ROP pursuant to the public-external debt definition of the ROP’s sovereign bonds offering memorandums.
The projects
The tendered USD 760 million will be divided into the 3 following projects:
Proyect Type Tender date Amount

Puerto Indio - Mbaracayú Strecht

Road (60 km) August USD 80 million
Rout No. 12 Road (160 km) October USD 160 million
Second and third stage of the Bioceanic Corridor Road (373 km) November USD 500 million


Infrastructure Investment Framework in Paraguay

For more details regarding the legal framework of Law 5102/13 of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and Law 5074, please follow this link.