Kristel Duarte

Kristel is a member of FERRERE’s Banking and Finance department.

Her areas of knowledge are Securities Exchange Law, Equity Investment Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions, Company Law, as well as Administrative Law.

With a professional path in both the public and private sectors, Kristel brings valuable experience to her role. Before joining FERRERE, she was legal advisor to the National Securities Commission, where she consolidated her experience in the financial and regulatory sphere.

Kristel earned her degree as Attorney from the Law School of Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay) in 2017. She also completed her training as Notary Public in 2018, and in 2019 she obtained her degree as Specialist in University Teaching, both programs at Universidad Nacional de Asunción. She went on to broaden her training with a Master’s in Economic Criminal Law and Company Law at Universidad Carlos III Madrid (Spain).

She has completed extensive academic studies and graduated from Escuela Judicial – Consejo de la Magistratura, and has obtained multiple diplomas, including in Investments and Securities Market, in Investment Funds, and Corporate Advisory from Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, in Legal Aspects and Trends in Finance and the Financial Sector from La Ley Paraguaya, in Energy Law, Investments and Environment from Heidelberg University, in Constitutional Guarantees from Escuela Judicial, in the Global Fight Against Asset Laundering and Terrorism Financing from Universidad de Buenos Aires, in Administrative Law from Escuela Judicial and the Law School of Universidad Nacional de Asunción.

She also was awarded a scholarship to participate in the Anticorruption and Compliance training program at the International Anticorruption Academy (IACA), and has engaged in training certified by the Financial Action Task Force of Latin America (GAFILAT). She graduated from the training program in Strategic Leadership offered by the Advanced Strategic Studies Institute of the National Defense Council. She has also completed programs on contracts, family businesses, Incoterms and documentary credits, among others. Her commitment to ongoing learning and her broad spectrum of studies position her as a highly trained and versatile practitioner.

Kristel is currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Legal Sciences at Universidad Nacional de Asunción.

  • Doctoral Program in Legal Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay), ongoing. 
  • Master’s in Economic Criminal Law and Company Law, Universidad Carlos III (Spain), 2022.
  • Specialist in University Teaching, Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay), 2019.
  • Notary Public, Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay), 2018.
  • Attorney, Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay), 2017. 
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