A family protocol is a legal instrument used to organize and adapt a business family’s values to the business it conducts.

Unlike other corporate documents, a family protocol has a dual purpose. First, it aims to acknowledge the characteristics, values and history of the family and its business, based on the experiences and narratives of its members. From there, agreements are reached to reflect each business family’s reality, in order to establish guidelines for achieving its business objectives.

The latter may vary in each case, depending on the particular needs of each family.

Second, but vitally important, the family protocol serves to preserve relations among the members, foster harmony, and establish mechanisms accompanying generational transition processes, so as to ensure continuity of the family business over time.

To attain these objectives, FERRERE’s innovative approach guarantees the creation of a document tailored to each business family. Moreover, it generates channels for dialogue to address both family and business matters, with recommendations as to best practices to help each business family achieve its objectives and to keep ownership of the company in family hands over time.

FERRERE’s support is not limited solely to preparing the document, but also covers implementation of these family agreements within the business ecosystem, ensuring a successful transition toward the specific objectives of each family with respect to its business.

Additionally, FERRERE offers advice on implementation of certain agreements reached within the family protocol, in connection with amendment of company bylaws, preparation and execution of shareholder agreements, among others.

Contacts: Carlos Vasconsellos ([email protected]) and Maurizio De Oliveira ([email protected]).