The team of practitioners specializing in family matters promptly resolves disagreements, works to prevent serious family crises and to generate mechanisms to control potential damage.  The team arbitrates marital separations, preventing conflicts or participating in litigation to resolve divorces and conflicts involving marital or domestic partnership assets.

FERRERE advises and processes guardianship, custody and custodianship of minors, negotiates and brings claims for child support, and acts in processes for international restitution of minors.  It also resolves inheritance matters and assists clients with estate planning, also involving notaries and specialists in Company Law.  It assists clients in adoption proceedings.


  • Marriage (property system, divorce and dissolution of conjugal partnership, alimony between spouses)
  • Domestic partnerships (recognition, dissolution, property system)
  • Children and adolescents (guardianship, custody and custodianship, international restitution of minors, child support)
  • Adoption
  • Successions and estate planning