• Instructive Nº 04

On July 12, 2022, the Nacional Customs Direction issued the Instructive No. 04 (the “Instructive”), whereby the Instructive No. 01 of date January 28th, 2022, rendered null and void and provides new requirements applicable to the re-shipment operations. 

The new requirements and conditions to be applicable from August 01, 2022, are the following: 

(i)  The reshipment must be requested by the customs broker authorized by the importer, through the presentation of the re-export customs declaration ("EC09") before the administration of the customs office of jurisdiction of the bonded warehouse. 

(ii)    The EC09 must attach: 

  • Bill of lading document;
  • Copy of the invoice for the rendered services for the storage of goods;
  • Remittance note in which the FOB value of the operation is declared and;
  • The guarantee covering the suspended import customs duty for the amount to be re-shipped. 

(iii)  The customs administration provides for the control and verification of the quantity and type of fuel declared in the customs clearance and may involve companies specialized in the controls for the aforementioned purpose, at the expense of the company requesting the reshipment. 

(iv)  In land re-shipment operations, the transportation agent is responsible of preparing the electronic International Cargo Manifest/Customs Transit Document in the "Sintia Export Computer System" and file it at the declared points of custody in the computerized route. 

(v)    The request for the cancellation and return of the guarantee must be submitted to the Custom Procedures Department attaching the receipt of the declaration of clearance of the destination country. 

(vi)  The movement of the loads of transport to the border customs office must be monitored through the use of the electronic seal, in accordance with the risk criteria of the vehicle tracking system.