The General Office of Labor, Hygiene and Occupational Safety, in Communication 07/2020 of March 11, 2020, has noted that with a view to safeguarding the health of workers in the public and private sectors in national territory in connection with propagation of the COVID-19 virus at world level, public institutions and private employers must adopt the following measures:  

Communicate and coordinate with employees on the preparation of protocols for prevention of COVID-19 contagion by implementing personal hygiene measures.

To the extent possible, implement mechanisms for identification of possible cases of COVID-19 contagion among employees by means of periodic medical examinations.

Implement biosecurity protocols at companies manufacturing food, personal hygiene products and inputs, using personal protection equipment and appropriate clothing with a view to avoiding contagion in the population.

Identify possible and/or probable cases of COVID-19 contagion. It is understood that human resource units will arrange the necessary mechanisms for prompt attention for personal with their respective health care providers (Public Health Fund) and, if appropriate, arrange the pertinent leaves, opting for other alternatives for performing work (such as video calls, changes in shifts, home office, etc.) so as to reduce COVID-19 propagation.

Consequently, we recommend promptly adopting the measures proposed by the labor authorities (to the extent possible) with a view to: i) avoiding contagion among your personnel, or ii) being subjected to penalties for violations of laws and socio-labor provisions.

Copy of the said communication is attached to this alert.

If the event of doubts or questions, please contact FERRERE.