On March 15, 2018 the SITPRECO system was implemented. SITPRECO is a computer information system of the Ministry of Justice and institutional transparency containing information on transparency, prevention and fight against corruption.  It was instituted by Law No. 974 for Transparency Units and the Fight Against Corruption (4 September 2017) and should work in coordination with the State's Attorney-General Office and the State’s Contracting Compulsory Registration System (ROPE).

The SITPRECO centralizes information through two systems: an information system dedicated to Public entities’ data and a transparency portal which handles complaints on possible corruption acts. Both systems will be available on a single website, accessible to the public.

The system connects all Transparency Units online, allows coordination between institutions, generates a system for complaints and monitors public accountability permanently.  Each Executive-branch entity is required to have a Transparency Units dedicated responsible for controlling access to information, and the promotion of ethics, social control and accountability.