The Municipality of Carmelo Peralta (the "Municipality"), as procuring entity, will tender the construction of an International Bridge over the Paraguay River between the cities of Carmelo Peralta (Paraguay) and Porto Murtinho (Brazil) (the "Project").  

1. Financing  

The Project will be financed by Itaipu Binacional ("Itaipu") for an estimated amount of G. 540,159,888,833 (approx. USD 83,000,000). 

2.         The Project 

The Project consists of the construction of three tranches, which include two access viaducts, one on the Paraguayan side of the river and the other on the Brazilian side, and in the middle of both, the cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 1,300 meters. This work is fundamental to concrete the Bioceanic Route. 

3. Regulatory Framework  

Law No. 6086/2018, which approves the agreement between the Governments of Paraguay and Brazil for the construction of an international bridge over the Paraguay River between the cities of Carmelo Peralta and Porto Murtihno, and establishes a joint commission to monitor the Project, and Law No. 2051/03 on Public Procurement. 

4.         Project Executing Body 

Ministry of Public Works (MOPC). 

5.         Authorized Bidders 

Construction companies domiciled in Paraguay or Brazil may participate individually or jointly (consortium). 

If bidders submit their offers as consortiums, the leading company must be incorporated in Paraguay. Furthermore, the companies incorporated in Paraguay must have a majority participation in the consortium. 

6.         Limitation to Bidders 

The participation of branches is allowed only when the parent company is incorporated in Paraguay or Brazil.