Within the framework of the USD 12.3 billion Five-Year Infrastructure Plan announced by President Tabaré Vázquez in 2015, the government reported on July 20 that the first international public tender for construction of social-education infrastructure under the Public-Private Participation system will take place in November 2016. The Program covers construction of 165 Educational Centers (early childhood, primary, secondary and technical) for USD 400 million and 60 Early Childcare Centers (CAIF) for USD 30 million.

This first call includes construction of 44 children’s educational centers –kindergartens- and 15 CAIF centers, and a single contractor will be chosen for both contracts, with a duration of 20 years. During that period the contractor must produce the executive design based on the pre-project included in the bidding conditions, finance and build the centers, provide furnishings and initial equipment and arrange for replacement upon completion of useful life, provide routine maintenance for infrastructure, and cover daily cleaning service, among other activities.

The public tender is schedule for November 2016, with a term of 5 months to submit bids, 4 months for provisional award and 6 months for final award.


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