Education PPPs: launching of second call for projects

On April 20, 2017 the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the National Development Corporation and the National Public Education Administration will launch the Second Call for Public-Private Participation Projects for Education Infrastructure. This event, open to the general public at no cost, will take place at Rincón 528, Montevideo, at 9:00 a.m.

Following prior assessments, the project documents are now at an advanced stage of study by the entities involved. At this date the Ministry of Economy and Finance is analyzing the general contract conditions and a draft agreement between the awardee and the contracting public administration.

This second call is part of a series geared to improving education infrastructure involving approximately USD 400 million.

Roadway PPPs: prior assessments moving forward for fifth and sixth circuits

Circuit 5 Roadway Corridor. The Ministry of the Economy and Finance has been studying this initiative since February 6 of this year. It includes route No. 14 (from Route No. 6 to the Velázquez junction) and Route 15 (from the Velázquez junction to Lascano). During the prior assessment stage the Ministry received documentation including feasibility study, financial modeling report, value-for-money report, budget viability report, and other supplementary documentation. Once the assessment stage has been completed, a public call will be made for proposals.

Circuit 6 Roadway Corridor. This is a new Public-Private Partnership initiative by the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works, called Circuit 6 Roadway Corridor Project, and includes rehabilitation and maintenance of Route No. 6 and San Ramón Bypass, from Avenida Belloni to Route No. 12.

This initiative has been under study by the Ministry of Economy and Finance since February 21, 2017, and is at the prior assessment stage, in particular for feasibility.