As another step in the firm's policy of expansion, FERRERE Abogados has opened a new office in Punta del Este, their fifth in Uruguay and eighth on Latin America.

The office is headed up by Santiago Manso, leading a top-notch accounting, notarial and legal team that has the support of the more than 100 lawyers of FERRERE Abogados.

Punta del Este, a high-end resort, is seeing a process of impressive development. “With the opening of this office the firm is seeking to accompany that growth with the professional services that Punta del Este needs at this stage," says Manso, for whom the disembarking of FERRERE on this Uruguayan peninsula marks a turning point. "Until now the international firms setting up here to provide accounting and legal advice had done so with limited commitment. We understand that the scale of the deals, the companies and business people today calls for a change in approach, and we believe that we are the ones who should lead this change. That's why our firm's commitment in Punta del Este is long term, and we are arriving here with the expectation to grow a lot, but on solid foundations," he added.

The aim is to assist clients in investment and real estate projects, and provide commercial, labor and tax advice, as well as strategic services to the Government. The office will be the interface with local and foreign clients who use Punta del Este as the base from which to consider new projects or strategies launched from day to day.

“The opening of this office”, says managing partner Andrés Cerisola, “reflects what our founding partner, Daniel Ferrere, would have liked: growing and aiming higher, and setting our sights ever further. This step evidences FERRERE’s long-term commitment to investment and professional resources in line with the challenge.”