FERRERE announces the opening of its second office in Ecuador, in the coastal city of Manta, located in the rich province of Manabí. FERRERE Ecuador today has a team of 40 lawyers.

Manta, the city selected for the firm’s tenth office in the region, is a prosperous port city, a vibrant tourist spot, the base for leading Ecuadorian food processing, manufacturing and chemical companies, and a key center for regional and international fishing and tuna-processing industries. FERRERE, which has a significant presence in all of these segments, has assigned three lawyers to this office as of day one.

Javier Robalino Orellana, FERRERE senior partner in Ecuador, will head both offices from Quito. The new office will focus on corporate, agribusiness, tax, litigation, labor and maritime law. Three associates, Pablo Saenz, Gabriela Cando and David Villarroel, will be based at the new office in Manta.

In April 2015 FERRERE announced the opening of its first office in Ecuador, in Quito, as an important step to consolidate its strategy of serving its clients in line with international standards in each of its four jurisdictions, and to position itself as one of the leading Latin American firms.

Javier Robalino Orellana stated: "We go where we can serve our clients in a better way. We appreciate very much our clients in Manta. Simply, it was the right thing to do. Also, Manta is becoming a hub for many industries. An international legal practice will certainly fit with Manta’s growth. Moreover, I believe that our practice will contribute positively in the community.

Manta was in our plans since the first day of operations. We are sure that FERRERE will continue supporting the development of Ecuador and its legal community.

All of us at FERRERE are very excited at the way our Ecuador practice has been welcomed by clients, friends and especially young professionals that make us so very proud with their impressive interest in our firm. This year has exceeded our expectations in so many ways”.

Contact information

Javier Robalino Orellana: jrobalino@ferrere.com

Pablo Sáenz: psaenz@ferrere.com

Gabriela Cando: gcando@ferrere.com

Adress: Edificio Fortaleza Calle M-3 y Avenida 24.

Primer Piso, Oficina 1B. Manta, Ecuador

Tel: (593) 5 5003-813