The British Standards Institution (BSI) audited FERRERE and awarded it ISO / IEC 27001 certification, in line with international standards.

FERRERE received the Certification in Information Security Management awarded by the prestigious British Standards Institution (BSI). Thus, the firm goes a step further in the quality of service offered to its clients.

The main benefits of having a good information management include:

- Protecting data from people both inside and outside the organization.

- Maintaining confidentiality ofn information that requires it.

- Reporting security incidents detected or suspected.

- Ensuring employees are familiar with and adhere to policies, procedures and controls.

- Complying with all applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.

Preventing system downtime and failures.

- Ensuring business continuity in the event of any fatality.

Screen locking, keeping documents under lock and key when necessary, properly destroying documents transferring information correctly depending on its sensitivity, careful use of mobile devices, controlling visitor access, and usinge strong passwords are, among many others, common FERRERE practices.

License number: IS 614 823