According to the University Students Profile Survey organized by Pro Universitarios, FERRERE holds first place in the ranking of private companies where Uruguayan students would like to work, with Montevideo Refrescos (Coca-Cola) and Banco Santander in second and third place.

The survey of more than 2,000 university students reflects the importance of the employer brand for young people: 89% would leave their current jobs to join a top-ranking company.

The survey was conducted on-line among undergraduate, graduate and technical degree students at the Universidad de la República as well as private universities, including all of their schools.

Field work was conducted by Grupo Radar between October 17 and November 20, 2016. Over 2,100 cases were obtained and were weighted according to the real weight of each university and each of their schools, according to official data from the Ministry of Education and Culture and the 7th Census of Undergraduate Students at Universidad de la República.

Access the full report here (spanish).