Due to the Sanitary Emergency declared in the country due the COVID 19 (coronavirus), the National Service of Intellectual Rights (SENADI), has informed that all terms that terms to be reached from the 16thuntil the 22th of march, are suspended.

This will include oppositions, appeals, payments or any other procedures that have deadlines.

SENADI Will continue providing online services for copyright, trademark and patent applications and all the procedures related with them such as applications, assignments, change of names, change of domicile, etc.

As Well, in case other procedures or requirements must be filed, they will be managed via email, as the institution will be closed.

Once this situation is normalized, we will be informing you.

This bulletin  contains information of general interest and does not constitute and should not be taken as legal opinion or advice on specific matters. If, legal advice is required or if it should be sought on the subject of your interest, kindly contact us.