FERRERE signed an agreement with the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) to provide free legal advice to former inmates registered in the labor exchange of the National Directorate of Support for the Released (Dinali). The office is part of the Red de Oportunidades, a network promoted by Mides, which brings together companies, social organizations and government institutions seeking the social inclusion of people who have regained their freedom.

During the signing, which was attended by FERRERE's partners, Agustín Mayer and Sebastián Ramos, the Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema, said that the event represented "a huge step forward". On the one hand, he highlighted the significance of "social contacts", which these people will gain: it is "an act of coexistence, of being heard". Secondly, he stressed that, for the human and social development of those released, the legal advice that FERRERE will offer them will be fundamental.

Thirdly, he added: "For us it is an honor that a law firm as renowned as FERRERE devotes time to people who are often in cases of extreme vulnerability. This is an expression of the country we want. A law firm with such prestige expressing: 'I want to be part of this', is an absolutely valuable statement". Finally, Lema underscored the fact that it has been "expressly stated that these cases will be taken on by FERRERE as with any other client. This gives hierarchy to the work of the volunteers".

The practice will operate in the facilities of the Óscar Ravecca roadside lodge, in Montevideo, and will exclusively assist people released from the penitentiary system, free of charge, on Wednesdays, with a prior appointment system.

For the last year, FERRERE has been working constantly on the reinsertion of persons deprived of liberty (PPL). On a weekly basis, volunteers go to two prisons to talk, coach and box with PPL and when they leave, they are interviewed, helped to prepare their resumes and look for/get a job.

To listen to the Minister's remarks, click on the following link.