Latin Lawyer has distinguished FERRERE for its achievements in pro bono services last year, recognizing its contribution in the region with this type of service. The firm was noted as one of the most committed to strengthening the practice of pro bono services in Latin America.

The Pro Bono Leading Lights awarded by Latin Lawyer in association with the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice distinguish each year the firms that make outstanding efforts in free legal work. The strategy, programs and actions carried out by the firm are evaluated as well as its collaboration with information, to obtain a regional overview on the subject.

FERRERE is aware of the difficulties to access justice faced by some community members, and it has thus assumed an ethical commitment to performing pro bono activities to provide such access. Therefore, pro bono work is promoted as an integral part of the professional duties.

For this reason, the company created the Regional Pro Bono Committee, which is composed of representatives of the partners of the firm's fourth jurisdictions: Geraldine Ifrán (Uruguay), Lindsay Sykes (Bolivia), Paola Gachet (Ecuador) and Carlos Codas (Paraguay), supporting an aligned and standardized regional pro bono program. It accompanies the initiative of local pro bono committees in each jurisdiction which work specifically in each country. FERRERE has also created an application form for pro bono services for all jurisdictions and a model for pro bono service contracts which provide a clear path towards meeting the commitments made in this area.

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