María Belén Jaramillo

María Belén Jaramillo has broad experience in a variety of legal areas and is engaged as in-house attorney for Duragas.

María Belén Jaramillo is an associate at FERRERE Ecuador.

In her years of experience she was a member of major Ecuadorian law firms, providing contract and company law advice to local and international companies. She participated as legal advisor on the new bill on Company Law, and in important national and international negotiations.

She has broad experience in insurance and reinsurance practice, and has been involved in high profile transactions in the insurance market.   


  • Attorney, Universidad de las Américas Quito (Ecuador).
  • LLM in Spanish Private Law, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)
  • Master’s in International Business Law, ESADE Business & Law School of Barcelona (Spain).




Ecuador: Relevant aspects to consider for the Ordinary General Shareholders' Meetings in relation to the State of Health Emergency by COVID19

The Superintendence of Companies, Securities and Insurance, issued Resolution No. SCVS-INPAI-2020-00002715 (hereinafter "Resolution") dated March 16, 2020, in which was agreed an extension of 30 days from the expiration of the original deadline for submission of information required by Article 20 of the Law of Companies, in other words, the information may be sent to the controlling entity until May 31, 2020.

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