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Darío Sebastián Reina

Darío Sebastián Reina provides advice on Aviation Law, Aerocommercial Policy and Administrative Law to government agencies regulating the sector.

Sebastián Reina is an associate with FERRERE Ecuador where he is a member of the Aeronautics and Mobility team and is active in Administrative Law, Corporate Law and Public Private Partnership Processes.

His involvement in the transportation industry began in 2010, and since then he has provided assistance on subjects of Aeronautics Law, Commercial Air Transport Policy and Administrative Law to government regulators in the sector in Ecuador, including the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP), the National Civil Aviation Council (CNAC) and the General Civil Aviation Office (DGAC).

In the course of his academic and professional training, in 2014 he did a Specialization in “Commercial Air Transport Policy” at the Latin American Aerospace Law Association (ALADA), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Subsequently he participated in the Air Transport and Aeronautics Policy Seminar, organized by the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in 2015 in Santiago, Chile. The same year he also participated in the Civil Aviation Strategic Planning Seminar held by the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC), in Montevideo, Uruguay.

He was a member of Ecuador’s Official Delegation to important forums, such as Executive Committee No. 86 of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC) in Brasilia, Brazil, and the Air Services Negotiations Event (ICAN) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Bali, Indonesia.

As advisor on Aeronautics Policy he was part of the Official Delegations for negotiation of bilateral agreements with aeronautics authorities of the Dominican Republic, Australia, Curaçao, Spain, Holland, Russia, Jamaica, Canada, United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Finally, before joining FERRERE, he worked as Specialist in Commercial Air Transport for the Ecuadorian airline TAME EP, on commercial activities and arrangement of operating permits, commercial agreements and contracts in connection with domestic and international passenger, cargo and mail transport, and related activities.

Complementing his academic training in air transport, Sebastián participated in the Latin American Regional Forum on International Air Law for Lawyers and Legal Professionals, endorsed by the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”), and the Aviation Law Americas forum, certified by the Latin American and the Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).

Sebastián is a member of the Pan American Institute of Aviation Law and Routes Americas Corporation.

  • Attorney, Universidad de las Américas (Ecuador), 2013.
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