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Álvaro Ordóñez

Álvaro Ordóñez is an expert in the mining area and focuses on legal advice to companies and institutions in extractive industries.

Alvaro Ordóñez was National Under Secretary for Mining Contracting, and as such was part of the team that negotiated Ecuador’s first large-scale mining contract. He co-authored Ecuador’s Mining Code Reform, which provides incentives for the mining industry. He also advises countries, such as Surinam, on mining policy.

He currently is devoted to providing legal advice to companies and institutions, particularly in the extractive industry, on oil, mining, financial and environmental issues.

He is a frequent speaker on mining industry subjects in Ecuador. Among his most outstanding presentations he has participated as speaker on sustainable development policies at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), held at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland in November 2012, on mining policy in Ecuador, and at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, held in Cartagena, Colombia, in April 2015, on incremental oil production contracts.

He is a founding member of the Petroleum Energy Law Forum (FODEP), an annual event that brings together a significant number of participants.


  • Foro de Derecho Energético Petrolero, FODEP


  • Attorney, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, 2002
  • Master’s degree in Law and Environmental and Natural Resource Policy (LL.M.), University of Denver (USA), 2009

Ecuador: Urgent Economic Bill of Law Project presented to National Assembly

In his report to the nation on May 24, 2018 the President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno, delivered to the National Assembly an urgent economic bill of law titled Organic Law for Productive Development, Attraction of Investments, Job Creation and Fiscal Stability.

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